About Me

I am a professional writer and editor living in Manchester and working in central London, UK. I’ve been writing for over a decade, and pursued it as a career after finishing my LLB law degree – a fact met with mixed emotions by both my parents and my girlfriend.

Prior to this, I spent a long time under the illusion that writing was for mythical beings, educated by all-knowing monks. People so well read and faultlessly educated that they themselves bordered on fiction.

Luckily, I have since found out that most professional writers are, in fact, slightly ill looking, yet largely charming characters who are very much human beings. Some of them younger than me, the monsters.

Since August 2014, I’ve worked at Factory Media, which is now part of the Square Up Media Group, one of the largest and most respected publishers in the UK. I began my work there as a staff writer, and was soon promoted to Associate Editor, and now Deputy Editor of Mpora.com. My mother remains delighted, if confused.

Since I joined Mpora, I have been integral to it’s growth, helping it become, as it stands, the largest action, sports, and adventure website in Europe, with between 1.5 and 1.8 million users visiting the site each month, and 1.4 million Likes on Facebook.

My girlfriend, who has a job that actually helps people as opposed to simply entertaining them, is still convinced that my role as Deputy Editor involves little more than writing about sharks, angry bears, and surfing. I do my best to convince her otherwise. I sometimes succeed.

Along with writing, I also take and edit photos, and produce video content, largely using Adobe Creative Cloud. While writing and photography remain my forte, I am good enough at these other things to no doubt be classed as whatever delightful phrase the internet currently finds acceptable for somebody working in the creative industry. Recently Millennial, Digital Nomad, and Yuccie have all been seen as acceptable, and who am I to argue? Until the day my dad asks me if I’m one of them, I assume all three terms are still acceptable to use in polite society.

I keep abreast of the changing tides of social media and publishing as much as one person with a desire to not solely read the guesses of other online writers can. It’s hard not to be excited about the pace at which publishing is evolving so rapidly. However, I should also acknowledge that I’m just about socially aware enough to know that talking openly about excitement, the internet, and publishing is probably quite damning, so I’ll stop.

My University dissertation was an in-depth look in defamation online, which has turned out quite nicely for me, given how easy it is – in theory at least – to find yourself in a spot of legal bother. Just as I’m doing here, I occasionally catch myself telling people I got a first for the dissertation, only to realise that just about everybody gets a first for their dissertation.

At a recent wedding, a caricaturist drew this picture of me. I prefer it to the original. You may as well.


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